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Join us in an interactive discovery of Easter, which will bring you from the present to the past, from one universe to another, a journey into your own past and present, a reflection on your own believes and meanings. The web project explores these changes, through the eyes of different people, of different ages, denominations, from different countries.



As society changes, traditions, customs and the meanings of holidays are changing. Globalization, assimilation, ethnic cohabitation, migration are elements very present in the daily life of every human, especially in our day and age. The project proposes a view of Easter that provokes the viewer with questions about family, values, religion, secularism and ethnic diversity. Food, special clothes, visiting churches and cathedrals, feeling of happiness and expectations, special time with family, long preparations are all aspects of real life that, like in a puzzle, create a whole picture of Easter. The immersive media format of the project uses an interface that allows users to follow linear stories, or guide their own path by selecting specific keywords.

The short videos are stories of those who decided to share their family time, religious customs and traditions during the Easter holiday. The project wants to encourage you, the user, to turn the camera on yourself and share with the world your own community during the Easter holiday.



Project developed during the New Media Course within the Faculty of Theatre and Television, UBB Cluj - Napoca. All team members have also contributed with videos.

Rodica Mocan      project coordinator

Ioana Trifu      producer

Alexandra Mureșan     webdesigner

Maria Cinar-Jiga      writer

Nadzeya Prasvirava      writer

Andreea Știliuc      translator

Flavia Dima      social media manager

Mircea Albuțiu, Mirela Miron