Refractara is a transmedia documentary project about the workers of a rural brick factory, surviving in a post-industrial society.


Refractara is a transmedia project about the community of rural brick factory Refractara, located in Baru, Hunedoara County. Once the main provider of jobs and home maintenance services for the village, the factory was affected by the industry decline in the past two decades. Pressured by the economic struggles, the remaining community of workers and management hold onto the old brick presses, ovens, laboratories, and reoriented toward other business fields in order to survive. Following the personal stories of some of the community members, the project develops into a medium length linear documentary, an interactive online documentary, and a hybrid photography - video projection exhibition.



Studio Cinemedia - Faculty of Theatre and Television, UBB Cluj      producer

Ioana Trifu producer      editor

Maria Cinar-Jiga      cinematographer, production assistant

Andreea Știliuc      cinematographer

Mircea Albuțiu      cinematographer, photographer


Rodica Mocan, Dan Curean      coordinators