The AI Comrade is the first robot spy created in the Communist Era, Romania 1979. Trained to listen and to record, he is discovered after 50 years and challenged by the citizens of the “Brave New World”. What would you ask The AI Comrade? And how would you reply if you were in its shoes? Experience the VR journey and then continue the dystopia with the hashtag #askthecomrade.



This is a short film, combining the real with dystopian elements. The AI Comrade was conceived as a collaborative site-specific VR installation during the InfiniTIFF VR Workshop, having as a mentor Mads Damsbo, producer of Makropol.



Ioana Trifu  //  Ioana Mischie  //  Daniel Oaida

The team behind the VR installation is highly interdisciplinary:

Ioana Mischie is a Romanian cinematic storyteller, previously awarded for film, creative writing and interactive works, currently enrolled as a visiting student researcher at USC – School of Cinematic Arts (Transmedia Research, Mixed Reality Lab). Ioana Trifu is a recent graduate of the Faculty of Theatre and Television Cluj Napoca, where she attended the Documentary Filmmaking Master’s program. Her interest is both in traditional linear structures and in the newer interactive or transmedia formats. Daniel Oaida is a Romanian software developer and movie producer, whose portfolio includes several websites and applications. Currently affiliated as a software developer at Daniel Constantin Oaida PFA and member of the Association of the Romanian Software Developers.