Portrait in reed field in the golden hour at sunrise



As summer is coming to an end, we have been trying to take advantage of the (still) nice weather, so we decided to take short day trips every weekend. If we are in town, that is. So, we spent the second day of September scouting eagles, magpies (scientific name Pica Pica 😆 ) and other birds, in order to test a new lens we got our hands on: the 45 -200mm (full name is Lumix G Vario 45 -200mm, 4.0-5.6 O.I.S).

Reed field in the golden hour at sunrise

Portrait in reed field in the golden hour at sunrise

I mostly use my GH5 for filming, but lately, I have been trying to get back into photography. Before leaving the house I decided I would only take photographs that day, no video whatsoever. I will admit that it was tempting to shoot video – the location was so beautiful. We woke up at 6 a.m., and after half an hour of sleepy getting ready and a one hour drive we arrived at our destination: Stufărișul de la Sic (The Reed Field of Sic), Sic being a village in Cluj County.

Cows in reed field in the golden hour at sunrise

This was the first outing with the new lens, although I did test it before in our garden, on our new neighbour, the squirrel! After a few hours in the reed field, we also checked out the village festival and visited the nearby countryside house, so I will also add some photos taken there with the GH5 and the 45 -200mm lens. Disclaimer: This is not a review post, nor a sample raw photos post. I edited the photos in Lightroom, doing the necessary basic corrections, then applying a preset (from this collection) and tweaking it to my liking.


Portrait in reed field in the golden hour at sunrise

reed field sunrise golden hour

Here are a few shots from the local festival:

traditional hungarian clothing Young boy dressed in traditional hungarian clothing village festival food pot

And some furry and not so furry creatures from the countryside:

Kittens washing eachother gh5 45-200mmhen with chicks gh5 45-200mmGh5 rooster portrait Rabbit nose gh5    bee closeup gh5


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