5 records that will make you love rainy afternoons
records for rainy days

Put the kettle on, light a nice candle, grab a cozy blanket – it’s time for a chillout, autumn afternoon! It wouldn’t be complete without good music. Here are my current favorite records for a rainy afternoon:     Lady in Satin //  Billie Holiday 21 //  Adele Into the wild //  Eddie Vedder American VI: Ain’t no grave //  Johnny Cash Not too late //  Norah Jones       I am encouraging you to buy  a record player (nowadays you can find some at an affordable price, or you can go crazy with a more professional set up), or borrow it from your grandpa, because you won’t regret it. Especially if you’re one of those who feel old at heart. I am.     Until you get your hands on a record player or on any of these records, here is a playlist with a selection of songs. Just to get you hungry for more!

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