Ioana Trifu


Born and raised in Cluj Napoca, Romania, Ioana is a documentary filmmaker and photographer.  She holds a BA degree in “Photography and Cinematography” and an MA degree in documentary filmmaking from Babeș-Bolyai University. Her interest is both in traditional visual storytelling and new media formats (VR, interactive, 360 video), with a strong belief in interdisciplinary collaboration.

She is currently working as a photographer and video editor.


Film festivals:

Refractara @ Docuart Film Festival 2017

A.I. Comrade @ Astra Film Festival 2017

A.I. Comrade @ Tranylvania International Film Festival 2018

A.I. Comrade @ Fiesta del Cine 2018

Refractara @ Cluj Shorts Film Festival 2018



Interdoc Masterclass 2018 (Pozega, Serbia)

Civil Society Pitch 2018 (Bucharest, Romania)

InfiniTIFF #Stories on Instagram Workshop 2018 (Cluj Napoca, Romania)

Cineimpact Film Academy 2017 (Campulung Muscel, Romania)

InfiniTIFF VR Workshop 2017 (Cluj Napoca, Romania)



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